Old Photo Specialists performs all photo restoration and reproduction work in our studio. Original pieces never leave our studio. They never outsourced to others for restoration services. Large convex photos or flat prints that often resemble charcoal drawings (circa 1920’s) and panoramic photos are some of our favorites. With over 45 years of experience in this field and a guarantee that delivers both satisfaction and time honored longevity of our products, it is no surprise to us that our repeat business and word of mouth referrals account for much of our success.

We routinely restore old and new, faded and damaged photographs — color, B&W, Sepia, and oil-tinted. We have worked on photos (daguerreotypes) dating back to the 1840’s as well as photos taken as recently as last week. Our reproductions as well as additional copies or reprints thereof are always printed on archival giclee’ materials with pigment inks. After a drying period, each print is lacquer finished for additional surface and moisture protection. 

It is important to note that we cannot create a fully sharp image from a blurry original. However, there are steps we can take to improve the clarity of the image through our restoration process.

Note:  We no longer take severely faded color photos or copies of originals. Please try to find the original! 

Old Photo Specialist has restored, repaired, and reproduced more than 60,000 photographs and art pieces into silver, sepia, and giclee’ prints over the last 30 years including the restoration of many original pieces. We have always guaranteed quality work. We now guarantee the longevity of all our prints against fading from intense sunlight. We do not recommend taking quotes for work to be done over the phone. Our services include many facets of repair, reproduction, and printing that other services of this nature simply do not routinely do or are significantly inferior in quality to ours.

Print quality is something that everyone needs to pay attention to. Our in-house printing technology in combination with lacquer finishing guarantees longer lasting products and better color matching than any other printing facility around. We have operated out of our commercial location for over 43 years.

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